Netflix’s Outer Banks season 2: what’s happened so far

netflix's outer banks season 2 what's happened so far
How did Outer Banks season 2 end?Netflix

The Pogues are coming back to our screens in a new thrilling instalment of Netflix‘s Outer Banks season three. But if you need a recap of exactly what happened in Outer Banks season 2, you’ve come to the right place.

In the show that brings us mystery, treasure-hunting, and budding romance, there’s not much that Outer Banks leaves us wanting for. But with a show so packed to the brim with twists and turns, and season three on the way, it’s worth checking in and seeing what the Pogues and Kooks have been up to over the past two seasons.

What happened in Outer Banks season 2? Full recap


John B and Sarah are in the Bahamas

When season one ended, we were left with the image of John B and Sarah’s boat getting caught in a tropical storm. Their friends and family watched on, horrified, and presumed that the two teens were killed in the wreckage. But alas! As John B and Sarah were rescued by a stranger’s boat, they continued their journey to the Bahamas in order to find the infamous treasure that we’ve spent a whole season hearing about.

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Flash-forward to season two, and John B and Sarah make it to the Bahamian paradise, but not before hitting a bit of trouble. After all, season one also ended with John B being framed for the murder of Sheriff Peterkin. They narrowly avoid escape after the crew recognises John B’s face from a wanted poster (with a $50,000 reward — not too shabby!).

John B manages to send a message to the plucky Pogues back in the Outer Banks to let them know he’s still alive, much to their delight. That night, he sneaks into the Cameron’s vacation house where he finds the safe which holds the gold. But despite his efforts, he’s unable to crack it.

When he returns, he’s shocked to find that Sarah has been kidnapped by Terrance. He manages to free her, by bargaining with Terrance and offering him a cut of the gold. Together, they return to the house to try and open the stash, but are forced to ditch when Ward is alerted of an intruder break-in and calls the police. So close!

Later, when Sarah finds out that Ward and Rafe are coming to the Bahamas to transport the gold, they make a plan with the crew to intercept it. Sounds easy enough, right? So when Ward and Rafe leave the vehicle carrying the hefty gold, John B and Sarah steal it right from under them.

However, Rafe manages to shoot Sarah before they can make their full escape. John B then takes her to a sketchy doctor, leaving Terrance to deal with the gold. As if things weren’t so troubling already, the police then catch up to Terrance and the gang, seizing the gold they worked so hard to get.

John B and Sarah manage to run away on a boat, without a single piece of gold on them.

The Pogues

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Back on the Outer Banks, the Pogues set out to clear John B’s name after finding out he’s still alive. Pope comes up with the brilliant idea of hiding a phone in Ward’s pilot Gavin’s car to listen on in his conversations, and sure enough, they soon record enough evidence to prove that Rafe committed the murder. The pilot demands Ward meet him and give him more money to keep the secret hush-hush, alongside continuing to hide Rafe’s gun used in the crime. (As blackmail goes, this is pretty effective!)

The Pogues scope out the meeting, where they are horrified to witness Ward murdering Gavin. Worse still, the gun in question sweeps down a storm drain. Naturally, this means that the cops don’t believe a word that they Pogues have to say in defence of John B.

Luckily, Kiara is willing to take on the disgusting task of diving down into the island’s sewage pipes to retrieve it.

Pope and the key

When Pope is contacted by a wealthy and ill woman named Carla, he’s curious as to why she wants to meet him at her lavish Charleston mansion. But she reveals crucial information: she can help prove that Rafe killed the Sheriff. In exchange for the evidence she’s willing to give them, Pope must help her find a mysterious key.

But wait, why Pope? Well, it turns out that Pope is a descendent of a famous former slave Denmark Tanney who survived the shipwreck of the Royal Merchant. Before Tanney’s murder, he left a message implying that there was a key which could lead to the Cross of Santo Domingo, an ancient artefact which holds great value (more than half a billion dollars, mind you) and supposed abilities to perform miracles.

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Carla, instructing Pope to find the key, realises that he might not know as much as she thought, so she attempts to kidnap him with the help of her half-brother Renfield. But Pope escapes, and the gang are suddenly reunited in Charleston, along with John B and Sarah. Together, they head back to the Outer Banks, where John B is quickly arrested for murder.

Pope meanwhile, finds the key in his great-grandmother’s house. When they find that the key projects the words: “The path to the tomb begins in the island room”, they are quickly intercepted by Renfield, who attacks Pope’s father.

The Pogues then give Carla and Renfield a fake key, but it doesn’t fool them for long.

John B’s freedom

Luckily, Rafe’s fingerprints are eventually discovered on the gun that Kiara recovered, John B is finally given his freedom. Now, the police are after Rafe. He attempts to drown Sarah, but she is saved miraculously by her ex-boyfriend Topper.

But Ward has a plan to save Rafe. In a dramatic moment, Ward steps onto his boat which explodes into a ball of fire, leading everyone to believe he is dead. Of course, this was all a ruse. This was a fake suicide, and Ward is very much still alive and kicking. Sarah, shocked and dazed, is driven back to Topper when John B is unsympathetic towards Ward’s supposed death.

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But Sarah can’t be kept away from the Pogues. When she finds out that Carla has discovered the coveted ‘island room’, she rushes to tell them. When the Pogues find another clue that leads them to a nearby church, they find the Cross of Santo Domingo hidden inside the beams. Bingo!

But before they’re able to hide the cross, Renfield shows up with Rafe, and the two steal it and take it to Carla. But finding that the cross doesn’t contain the alleged magical healing abilities, she shoots Renfield, leaving Rafe to getaway with the cross.

How does Outer Banks season 2 end?

Season two ends with a thrilling boat heist. After Sarah is kidnapped by her own family, the Pogues hide out in one of the shipping containers of their boat in order to save both her and the cross.

A fight ensues, and though the Pogues manage to escape on a smaller boat, they are forced to leave the cross in the maniacal clutches of Rafe and Ward.

The Pogues eventually reach land in the form of a small island which they dub ‘Poguelandia’.

Meanwhile, Carla goes to a house in Barbados, where she meets a mysterious man who — surprise! — is John B’s long-lost father, who was thought to be dead this whole time! Phew.

John B’s father tells her that he can help her get what she wants, in exchange for her helping his son.

What’s happening in Outer Banks season 3?

It’s a lot, we know. But with a show as twisted and complex as this, there are bound to be a few knotted strings. And with season three approaching, we’re left with a multitude of questions.

Will the Pogues get the cross back? Will Rafe finally get what’s coming to him? And what about John B’s father helping Carla? Will they be reunited as father and son again? So many questions, so little patience for answers.

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait too long before we can get stuck back in. With the newest season due to hit our Netflix screens on 23rd Feb, you can be sure that we’ll be obsessing over what’ll happen next on the island of Poguelandia!

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