Queen death – latest: King Charles to address nation in first speech as monarch

Jane Dalton,Arpan Rai,Andy Gregory,Matt Mathers and Joe Middleton

Fri, 9 September 2022 at 5:38 pm

King Charles III is set to deliver a televised address at 6pm to a nation mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Charles arrived back in London after flying from Balmoral and has met with prime minister Liz Truss prior his first national address as monarch this evening.

The King was met with chants of “God Save the King” as he shook hands with and chatted with mourners, with Camilla walking close behind a grieving Charles.

As heartfelt tributes continued to pour in from across the globe following her death on Thursday, MPs held a minute’s silence in the Commons, with former PM Boris Johnson recalling being “moved to tears” after being asked in a BBC interview several months ago to discus the Queen in the past tense.

Gun salutes rang out across the country on Friday afternoon, with 96 rounds fired to mark the Queen’s life.

The Queen had reigned for nearly seven decades, overseeing huge political and cultural changes in the national life. Her son automatically succeeds her as King Charles III, taking her place in ruling over the UK and more than a dozen Commonwealth nations, a role for which he has spent a lifetime in preparation.

Queen’s death won’t affect energy bills freeze, No 10 insists

17:35 , Joe Middleton

No 10 has said it does not believe the mourning period for Queen Elizabeth II’s death will have any impact on Liz Truss’s new policy to stop annual household energy bills soaring past £2,500.

The prime minister’s official spokesman said on Friday that the two-year energy price guarantee will be ready for households from 1 October, as scheduled.

There had been concerns that the 10-day parliamentary recess for mourning could prevent emergency legislation needed to stop the energy price cap rising automatically on 1 October.

King Charles III: What is the Accession Council and how will proceedings unfold?

17:30 , Joe Middleton

King Charles III will be formally recognised as Britain’s new sovereign on Saturday morning when the historic Accession Council convenes at 10am at St James’s Palace, London, following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday.

For the first time ever, the council’s proceedings will be televised.

Although the Queen’s eldest son automatically became monarch with the passing of his mother, the ceremonial gathering will provide official acknowledgement of the fact and agree a proclamation announcing the news to be read to the wider world.

King Charles kissed by well-wishers as he meets crowds lining street outside Buckingham Palace

17:10 , Joe Middleton

The nation’s new monarch King Charles III was kissed by well-wishers outside Buckingham Palace following the death of his mother the Queen.

The King and his Queen Consort, Camilla, exited the state Bentley as they approached the royal residence and were met with cheers of “God Save the King”, smiling faces and a sea of smartphones as Britons clamoured to capture his first encounter with the public since the death of his mother.

The King put on a brave face as he greeted the adoring crowds by shaking their hands and thanking them for their support in a time of national grieving.

King Charles kissed by well-wishers at Buckingham Palace crowds

Opera singer who met Queen describes her ‘Hanoverian blue eyes’ and ‘dazzling smile’

17:03 , Joe Middleton

Queuing outside St Paul’s Cathedral, opera singer Susan Daniel, who met the Queen on numerous occasions, described her “Hanoverian blue eyes” and “dazzling smile” that lit up the room

Ms Daniel, who spoke with the monarch during a state visit to Switzerland and again while working in Milan, said her ability to show “endless interest” in people and remember interactions was unparalleled.

“She asked me what I’d been doing and we fell about laughing because I’d been to Chicago to represent Milan (on a work-related visit) but I was English and spoke English,” she said.

“She was always hugely well-prepared. I had always been told about these Hanoverian blue eyes, and they were exactly like that, and the fabulously dazzling smile.

“She looked like a ballerina, this wonderful lighting up of the face, and it lit you up, really, it filled the room.

“It was her interest in you really, and she had such a memory, endlessly interested. Devotion is the word.”

Charles holds first audience with prime minister after becoming King

17:00 , Joe Middleton

King Charles III has held his first audience with prime minister Liz Truss at Buckingham Palace.

Ms Truss spoke briefly to the King by phone on Thursday evening to express her condolences over the death of his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II.

But this was the first time the prime minister had spoken to him face-to-face since he became King on the death of his mother.

Andrew Woodcock reports.

Charles holds first audience with prime minister after becoming King

Queen ‘was just part of the parish’ to busloads of mourners paying respects at Balmoral

16:50 , Joe Middleton

Throughout the day, the coaches kept arriving.

Thousands of mourners, clutching their bouquets of flowers, made the walk across the River Dee and up to the black and gold gates of Balmoral Castle.

Bowing their heads, they paid their respects to Britain’s longest reigning monarch and the first to die in Scotland.

Inside the castle, the Queen’s coffin, covered with the royal standard of Scotland, was reportedly placed in the Balmoral ballroom to allow household staff to pay their respects.

It is a room that many of them would have known as the site of the Ghillies Ball, an annual ball that brings together staff, members of the local community and senior royals for a night of Scottish dancing.

The young Princess Elizabeth was first allowed to attend at aged 12 and had loved it ever since.

Holly Bancroft reports from Balmoral.

Queen ‘was just part of the parish’ – Busloads of mourners pay respects at Balmoral

Pupil barrister praises the Queen for her ‘dignity and grace’

16:39 , Joe Middleton

Pupil barrister Danielle Carrington, who was awarded a scholarship by the Princess Royal, praised the Queen for her “dignity and grace” as she queued with her mother outside St Paul’s Cathedral.

Ahead of attending the service on Friday, Ms Carrington, a 20-year-old recipient of the Princess Royal Inner Temple award, said the royal family had always been “very supportive” of the legal profession despite the Queen maintaining her neutrality.

“For all generations really, the Queen embodied those ideals of our country, integrity, dignity and grace, and it’s very important from my perspective anyway to pay respect to that,” she said.

“She’s been a constant thoughout all the tumultuous times we’ve seen nationally and globally.”

Danielle’s mother, Lindsey Carrington, said the loss was a “like a family grief, a personal grief” rather than that of a monarch, adding: “We knew we could always depend on her in any diplomatic setting.”

Danielle added: “I’m a recipient of the Princess Royal scholarship and had the opportunity to meet Princess Anne. Obviously they have always maintained their neutrality, but the royal family has been very supportive of the legal profession, and Princess Anne embodies similar qualities to the Queen, there was a lot of humility.”


Lindsey, 64, and Danielle Carrington, from Solihull (PA)
Lindsey, 64, and Danielle Carrington, from Solihull (PA)

BBC Platinum Jubilee writer praises Queen Elizabeth and Paddington skit

16:30 , Joe Middleton

UK government petitions website suspended ‘until further notice’ out of respect for Queen

16:22 , Joe Middleton

The official UK government and parliament petitions website has been suspended “until further notice” following the death of the Queen.

The decision means people can no longer post new petitions or put their name to existing campaigns.

Jon Stone reports.

UK government petitions website suspended out of respect for Queen

‘The nation’s grandma gone’: Tears and tributes at Windsor Castle following Queen’s death

16:10 , Andy Gregory

Our correspondent Colin Drury reports from Windsor:

On a sombre day outside Windsor Castle, the 49-year-old was one of thousands of mourners who came to pay their respects following the Queen’s death on Thursday.

Through morning and afternoon, they kept arriving, turning the ground around the famous Long Walk gates into a small sea of flowers, candles and notes filled with both grief and gratitude. “You will never be forgotten, ma’am,” read one simply.

You can read his full report here:

Tears and tributes as mourners descend on Windsor following death of the Queen

Liz Truss arrives at Buckingham Palace to meet King Charles

16:04 , Andy Gregory

Liz Truss has been pictured arriving at Buckingham Palace for her first weekly meeting with the new monarch, King Charles III.

 (BBC News screengrab)
(BBC News screengrab)

‘You could hear a pin drop’: Hundreds gather for ‘moving’ Hyde Park gun salute for Queen

16:01 , Andy Gregory

Earlier this afternoon, more than 1000 mourners gathered at Hyde Park to watch a 96-round gun salute marking the death of the Queen, reports my colleague Thomas Kingsley.

Crowds gathered from midday under grey clouds as the Queen’s Life Guard, mounted on horses, rode through the park in preparation as the nation remembers its longest-serving monarch.

Judie Harris, 62, said there was a silence so profound among the crowd watching the gun salute that you could “hear a pin drop” in between rounds being fired. Ms Harris, a finance officer from Solihull in the West Midlands, who saw the ceremony with her husband, Milner, said: “It was incredible. So moving. Profound.”

You can read his full report from Hyde Park here:

‘You could hear a pin drop’: Hundreds gather for ‘moving’ gun salute for Queen

What is the Accession Council? King Charles’ proclamation ceremony to be televised live

15:56 , Andy Gregory

While Charles III automatically became king upon the death of his mother, he will be formally proclaimed king at a special Accession Council ceremony at St James’s Palace at 10am on Saturday – with the event televised for the first time in history.

Our political correspondent Adam Forrest has more details on what to expect:

King Charles’ proclamation ceremony to be televised live

Wristbands for St Paul’s memorial ran out within three hours

15:47 , Andy Gregory

All 2,000 wristbands for this evening’s memorial service at St Paul’s Cathedral were distributed to members of the pubic within three hours, a cathedral spokesperson has said.

James Bond producers send ‘heartfelt condolences’ to royal family

15:43 , Andy Gregory

Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson have sent their “heartfelt condolences” to the royal family, saying they “join the world in mourning” the Queen’s death.

The monarch famously appeared alongside 007 actor Daniel Craig during the opening ceremony for the London Olympics.

What events have been cancelled following the Queen’s death?

15:41 , Andy Gregory

Events around the country, from sporting fixtures to strike action, have been cancelled following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

My colleague Maryam Zakir-Hussain has compiled this comprehensive list of those no longer going ahead:

All the events cancelled following the Queen’s death

What is the royal family’s new line of succession?

15:35 , Andy Gregory

Following the Queen’s death, here is the new royal line of succession:

 (Press Association Images)
(Press Association Images)

15:31 , Matt Mathers

The UK is in mourning following the death of the Queen, who passed away at Balmoral yesterday aged 96.

Politicians throughout the UK have been paying tribute to Her Majesty, who served for some 70 years.

World leaders have also been paying their respects. Watch below for a look at how Elizabeth II’s death will be felt around the globe.

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